A conversation with Professor Kimberley Reynolds on Radical Children’s Literature

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Join us on Thursday 28 March from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. for a Masterclass with Professor Kimberley Reynolds.

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Lunch and beverages will be available for purchase from Blasta restaurant on the campus of Marino Institute of Education throughout the conference. Other local restaurant options include Scrumptious Café on Philipsburgh Avenue and 22 on Sion Hill Road.

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There are several accommodation options near Marino Institute of Education.

15-20 minutes’ walking distance from Marino Institute of Education is the Skylon Hotel.

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For delegates who wish to stay in the city centre, the 123 bus goes from O’Connell Street to Marino Institute of Education. For information on the 123 bus route and timetable click here.

Radical Young People’s Literature and Culture

The Irish Society for the Study of Children’s Literature

 Friday 29th and Saturday 30th March 2019

 Marino Institute of Education, Dublin 9, Ireland

 Keynote address: Professor Kimberley Reynolds

It is now over ten years since Kimberley Reynolds highlighted the importance of radical dimensions of children’s literature in her book, Radical Children’s Literature: Future Visions and Aesthetic Transformations in Juvenile Fiction. Texts for young people have always been embedded in norms, concepts and systems regarding socialisation, education, and enculturation and offer empowering and disempowering possibilities for everyone who engages with them. Concepts of childhood, youth literature and youth culture are situated and operate within diverse contexts and contested spaces which are negotiated by readers, audiences, publishers, creative industries, authors, librarians, teachers, families, gate keepers, institutions, cultural movements, and political and religious groups. Radical youth literature challenges dominant expectations and norms about childhood, society, socialisation, and young people’s reading, acts as a force for change and encourages children and young adults to question the authority of those in power. In today’s world, the role and liberating possibilities of radical youth culture and literature have become even more urgent.

This conference will explore the experimental, subversive and/or disruptive potential of Irish and international literature and culture for young people. The conference will also consider the extent to which children’s and young-adult texts and culture can promote, cultivate and/or establish radical representations and ideas. In what ways is today’s radical youth literature different from that of earlier decades? What contemporary issues are addressed in radical youth literature and culture and how? To what extent have publishing, schools, libraries, multimedia and entertainment industries engaged with radical youth texts and radical youth culture? How is radical children’s and young adult literature and culture created, distributed, enacted and experienced?

Radical Young People's Literature and Culture Conference

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